List of Key International Projects

2020-2023 Vibration Monitoring of the Réseau Électrique Métropolitain 67 km, CANADA

2018-2020 Extension of the Blue subway line in Montreal SEISMIC, CANADA

2018 KTTM-SOUTH 42, Electrical Resistivity and IP for Mineral Exploration, COLOMBIA

2017-2018 IIC TECHNOLOGIES, Aeromagnetic and Gradiometric Surveys for Mineral Exploration, INDIA
2017 KTTM-ASECCOL INGENIERIA, Ground Penetrating Radar for Utility Detection, COLOMBIA

2015 FONROCHE, aeromagnetic survey (Stinger) for an geothermal power-plant project, FRANCE
2015 NELSAP, Ground and Marine Surveys for Hydroelectric Project, TANZANIA-RWANDA

2014 KTTM GEOPHYSICS LTD, IP project supervision and data processing, ARGENTINA
2014 ENVIRONNEMENT ILLIMITÉ, Marine Surveys for Port Development, GUINEA
2014 IMC -CALCUTA, Gravity Data Processing, MADAGASCAR

2013 IIC TECHNOLOGIES, Gravimetry surveys National Geoid Modelling Project, OMAN
2013 DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Magnetotelluric survey for Oil Exploration, ETHIOPIA
2013 HOLCIM PHILIPPINES INC, Resistivity Survey for Quarry Development, PHILIPPINES

2012 T.V.I.P.L., Georadar Utility Mapping, INDIA
2012 EXPLO NOVOMINING ENSA, Mag Airborne Survey for Mining Exploration, ECUADOR
2012 SNC-LAVALIN, Bathymetric Survey for Hydroelectric Project, ANGOLA
2012 GOLDER ASSOCIÉS, Marine Surveys for Port Development, GUINEA

2011 GRAYMONT,Training on blasting and vibrations, USA

2008 BOUYGUES, Travaux Publics, Jamaican BranchSeismic Refraction for Road Construction, JAMAICA
2008 ELECTRON INVESTMENT S.A.,Seismic Refraction / MASW for Hydroelectric Project, PANAMA

2006 KABANGA NICKEL COMPANY LTD., Seismic refraction survey, TANZANIA
2006 VDG DEL PERU Borehole logging for mineral exploration, PERU
2006 GETU Hydroelectric dam investigations, TUNESIA

2005 TECHNISOL Hydroelectric dam investigations, ST-PIERRE-ET-MIQUELON (FRANCE)
2005 VDG DEL PERU Underground utility location, PERU

2004 MINERA MAJAZ Airborne mineral exploration, PERU
2004 MONARC GOLD Airborne mineral exploration, PERU
2004 THE DOE RUN COMPANY Airborne mineral exploration, PERU


2002 GENERAL ELECTRIC Pipeline inspection survey, TAKORADI, GHANA

2000 ECOH CORP. Port development survey, ANTIGUA-BARBUDA
2000 STONE & WEBSTER Pipeline route study, NEW YORK, USA

1999 AGRA-MONENCO Bridge pre-construction survey, SOUTH KOREA
1999 CAROLINA POWER Underwater cable installation, CAPE FEAR, USA
1999 PETTIS AND ASSOCIATES Gravel pit evaluation, MICHIGAN, USA

1998 TETRA Co. LTD. Port development survey, SEKONDI, GHANA,
1998 TOJO-VIKAS Structural investigation on Jaipur dam, KOTA, INDIA

1997 TOJO-VKAS/RITES Pipe localization, NEW DELHI, INDIA
1997 MTERI DAM Dam investigation, ZIMBABWE
1997 INCO LTD. Karst detection, SULAWESI, INDONESIA
1997 FERROVIAL Karst detection, TUNISIA

1996 TETRA Co LTD. Port development survey, SEKONDI, GHANA

1994 JACSAN INC. Mining properties evaluation, ZIMBABWE
1994 GPR FRANCE Sediments thickness evalutaion, FRANCE
1994 EXPERCO LTD. Irrigation dam evaluation, VIETNAM

1993 SNC-LAVALIN Hydroelectric dam investigations, BURKINA FASO

1992 PETROLEUM AUT.OF THAILAND Pipeline installation survey, THAILAND

1990 HARDY BBT LTD Pipeline installation survey, TANZANIA
1990 TECSULT INC. Hydroelectric dam investigations, CANAL DU CAYOR
1990 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations SAMALA, GUATEMALA

1989 DGGTH-BARBARA Water derivation study, BARBARA, TUNISIA

1988 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations, FOMI, GUINEA

1987 SNC Tunnel construction survey, EL HAOUREB, TUNISIA
1987 LAVALIN-SHAWINIGAN Hydroelectric dam investigations, PANAMA DAM

1985 SNC - ACRES Chamera project investigations, INDIA
1985 CIWEC Hydroelectric dam investigations, ARUN 3 and KALI GANDAKI 2, NEPAL

1984 ACDI Airborne mineral exploration, ZIMBABWE
1984 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations, THAILAND
1984 MALAYSIA MINING Underground UXO detection, MALAISIA

1983 LGL Hydroelectric dam investigations riv. Artibonite, HAITI
1983 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations, GUINEE FRANCAISE
1983 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations Gandaki project, NEPAL

1982 FITZPATRICK Vibration control during blasting, ALGERIA
1981 ACRES Hydroelectric dam investigations, PANAMA

1980 CANAMONT Nuclear power plant investigation, SOUTH KOREA
1980 SNC Bedrock faults mapping, BORUCCA, COSTA RICA

1979 GASTON DROUIN ET ASS. Port development marine survey, MAURITANIA
1979 ACDI Vibration study, BOURGUIBA DAM, TUNISIA
1979 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations, COSTA RICA

1978 GEOCON - ALCAN Plant localization survey, JAMAICA

1977 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations, MADAGASCAR
1977 CANAMONT Nuclear power plant investigation, SOUTH KOREA

1976 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations, SIDI SAAD, TUNISIA

1975 LALONDE, GIROUARD Hydraulic ressources inventory, HAITI
1975 SNC Hydroelectric dam investigations, TUNISIA