We continue innovating as a pioneer in applied geophysics. Through our knowledge and ability to apply traditional and innovative geophysical methods, we help solve geologic, geotechnical and engineering challenges.

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    Geophysics GPR International Inc.

    Geophysics GPR is at the National Ground Water Association Summit in Nashville this week presenting Hydro-Tisar, a state-of-the-art technique for groundwater applications.

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    Geophysics GPR International Inc.

    Our own GPRTEM system is featured in La Presse+:

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    Geophysics GPR International Inc.

    Members of our team will be present at the CIM 2017 Convention this Wednesday, May 3rd at Montreal’s Palais des Congrès. Our presence contributes to keep us among the leaders in applied geophysics to mining engineering. Come meet us at the “Geology and Exploration” session - 10:30-12:10.
    Alain Zubrzycki – VP development – m. 514-984-7712
    Daniel Campos – Senior Geophysicist – m. 514-603-8650

Established as a pioneer in applied geophysics in Canada, Geophysics GPR International Inc. continues a long tradition of innovation. What inspires our specialists is the idea of providing all of our clients with the widest range of solutions adapted to their needs in order to deliver the best data available in today's market.

Geophysics GPR International strives to maintain a relationship of confidence with its partners and clients by assuring that all projects are completed to the entire satisfaction of the client, and offering high quality results. We are equally proud of our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

This site will guide you through Geophysics GPR International's wide expertise and will allow you to explore the capabilities of our company.



History of Geophysics GPR

On March 1st 1974, Geophysics GPR International opened its doors. Founding members, France Goupil, Réjean Paul and Richard Reid (GPR), innovators in applied geophysics in Canada, had aimed right.

From the beginning, GPR contributed towards the development of high profile infrastructure projects in Quebec, such as the hydroelectric complexes at James Bay and the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Over the following years, GPR performed hundreds of significant projects and has seen its reputation grow rapidly around the world.

Since then, the professionals at GPR have made a constant effort to improve on existing geophysical methods and to innovate in order to provide clients and partners with a geophysical expertise among the most advanced in the world.

This advanced expertise allows to contribute towards making any construction, renovation, exploration and exploitation project more efficient, complete and competitive. To date, GPR has performed thousands of projects in over 40 countries.

Mission and profile

Over 40 years ago, Geophysics GPR International started out with a mission to offer comprehensive services in applied geophysics, in the knowledge that modern techniques would accelerate and reduce the cost of engineering projects. The founding members understood that a specialized independent company could optimize the execution of large projects and could make an important contribution to the development of geophysics in Quebec and Canada.

To this day, GPR continues to assist many engineering firms on a variety of projects where geophysical methods are required. Since the beginning, GPR understood that the quality of its services rested not only on its expertise in consulting engineering, but also on state of the art survey equipment and the ability to utilize this equipment to its full potential. Ongoing technological and scientific development has accentuated this fact.

GPR's mission still implies an expertise in consulting engineering and specialised services. The synergy with which GPR meets these requirements demonstrates the specialized expertise, versatility and the practicality of the professionals and technicians of the company. With a multidisciplinary team that has over the years pushed back the boundaries of applied geophysics, GPR remains a valued partner of engineering firms and many other clients. GPR's mission keeps on widening: the firm has and always will apply itself to offert geophysics services that are ideally suited to confront the challenges faced by its clients.

International presence

Geophysics GPR International Inc. and its collaborators are present in Canada, Africa and South America.

The GPR team, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified and a member of various national and international professional associations, has participated in hundreds of development and high profile construction projects all around the world.

The highly specialized activities of GPR and the renown of its professionals have allowed the company to carry out a large portion of its activities abroad, since the beginning.

Benefiting from a proven expertise and the excellent reputation of Canadian engineering firms, GPR has had the opportunity to introduce new methods and technologies to many countries, on different continents, putting in place several technology transfer activities abroad.

Range of services

The expertise of Geophysics GPR International includes the following fields:

These sectors are a sample of GPR's expertise. For more details, we invite you to contact us at your best convenience.

We continue innovating as a pioneer in applied geophysics. Through our knowledge and ability to apply traditional and innovative geophysical methods, we help solve geologic, geotechnical and engineering challenges.