Geophysics GPR International Inc.


Toronto Office: +905 696-0656

Montreal Office: +450 679-2400

Through our knowledge and ability to apply traditional and innovative geophysical methods, we help solve geologic, geotechnical and engineering challenges.



Zubrzycki, Alain, ext. 314 - President

Campos Halas, Daniel, Eng, M.A.Sc. ext. 316
Vice President of Operations


Regional Directors:

Mpofu, Penias, Geoph sr. (Botswana - Africa)

Ground Survey Manager Team

Project Managers:

McClement, BenP. Eng., Project Manager (Toronto Office)

Marchand, Alexis, ext. 337


Vibration control:

Champagne, Olivier, ext. 324

Equipment sales and maintenance:

Robitaille, Renaud, Tech., Geoph., ext. 339


Vanier, Michel, Controller, ext. 323


Marine Survey Manager

Project Manager:

Rousseau, Marc, B.Sc., Phys., ext. 322


Airborne Survey Manager

Project Manager:

Létourneau, Olivier, B.Sc., Phys., ext. 330

Geophysics GPR International Inc.


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    Toronto Office

    6741 Columbus Rd., Unit 14
    Mississauga (Ontario)
    Canada L5T 2G9

    Phone : 905.696.0656
    Fax : 905.696.0570

    Head Office, Montreal

    100 - 2545 Delorimier Street
    Longueuil (Québec)
    Canada J4K 3P7

    Phone: 450.679.2400
    Fax: 514.521.4128

    Geophysics GPR Botswana (Pty)

    Plot 16402, Unit 7
    Molapo Estates
    P.O. Box 500191 Area W
    Francistown, BOTSWANA

    Tel / Fax : +267 2402273